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Filthy Animals

Filthy Animals

by Taylor, Brandon (Hardcover)

Category: Book
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Taylor, Brandon
Number of Pages: 289
Total Offers : 43
Rating: 4.1
Total Reviews: 43

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Filthy Animals Taylor Brandon 9780525538912 ~ “Filthy Animals explores desire and human contact throughout and while Taylor is a gifted descriptive writer it’s the way he gets into his characters’ heads in the moment and in the aftermath—the confusion the anger the longing—that’s so hard to shake”

Filthy Animals by Brandon Taylor Goodreads ~ 45 stars Brandon Taylors new collection Filthy Animals contains beautifully written powerful periodically bleak short stories about the human condition and the need for connection I’m a short story fan In the right hands short stories can wield even greater power than novels and leave more searing memories

Book Review Filthy Animals by Brandon Taylor BookPage ~ Author Roxane Gay has described the stories in Filthy Animals as “melancholic”—truly the right word for this collection Taylor’s characters endure rape sexual abuse suicide violence cancer and familial abandonment while searching for friendship love sex or even just respect

Brandon Taylor’s ‘Filthy Animals’ Is a Study in Rogue ~ FILTHY ANIMALS Stories By Brandon Taylor After a long stretch of social isolation many of us are now wading haphazardly back into public life reintroducing ourselves to a roster of familiar

The Uncategorizable Filthy Animals ~ In “Potluck” the first story of Brandon Taylor’s new collection Filthy Animals out this week a grad student named Lionel goes to a potluck dinner in a small college g late to the festivities Lionel is guarded He has just dropped out of a PhD program in applied mathematics and he’s acutely wary of the jockeying for status endemic to gradstudent gettogethers

Brandon Taylor On His New Story Collection Filthy Animals ~ Brandon Taylors book Filthy Animals is a collection of stories some interconnect some just bounce off each other most of which are set in a Midwestern university town in which Lionel a

Review ‘Filthy Animals’ piercing stories about learning ~ On the Shelf Filthy Animals By Brandon Taylor Riverhead 288 pages 26 If you buy books linked on our site The Times may earn a commission from whose fees support independent

Brandon Taylor on Filthy Animals and his Midwestern oeuvre ~ Hes certainly laying the groundwork The Booker Prize finalist will soon release a new story collection Filthy Animals out June 22 which mostly follows young creatives in Madison Wis and

Filthy Animals and Objects of Desire book reviews ~ The tales in Brandon Taylors Filthy Animals June 22 and Clare Sestanovichs Objects of Desire June 29 promise all the perks of great literature drama atmosphere indelible characters but

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